Adding a Logo


You can upload custom logos for your Organisation to be used on the PDF documents printed from eFolio Accounts.

Navigate to the Settings tab and then click on the Logos link.

Add Logo

Click the Add New Logo button to select a logo file. The file must be of file type .png .jpeg or .gif. Click on Save once you selected the appropriate file. The logo will only appear on customer invoices, credit note and statements if it is selected to appear as per Statements and Remittances or Invoice Brands and Templates.

Delete Logo

Click on the Delete button below the logo you wish to delete. Note that this option is only available if the logo has not been assigned for use in either of Statements and Remittances or Invoice Brands and Templates.


Logo sizes are restricted to 300px x 75px. Logos which are larger than this will be automatically resized with the proportions retained.

The best quality results are achieved by loading logos larger than the restrictions above and letting the system carry out the resize.


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