Paypal Link Insertion


Including a PayPal link on your sales invoice or customer statements can assist customers to pay directly to your PayPal account. Clicking the link opens the PayPal website and prompts the customer to make payment.


PDF Invoices

The functionality is managed by adding the tag [paypal_link] to the sales invoice Notes field. The tag is automatically replaced with a PayPal payment link during PDF creation. The tag can be defaulted in all new invoices by navigating to the Settings tab, clicking on the Paypal Link Insertion link and selecting the Automatic Link option.

The [paypal_link] tag in the Notes field will only be replaced if the appropriate settings have been made in the PayPal Settings section of Invoice Brands and Templates.

Online Invoices

PayPal integration on Online Invoices follow the same rules as the PDF Invoices however there is additional functionality available to let the eFolio Accounts software automatically create the payment transactions and match the invoices being paid. You can also request a notification by email once payment has been made via the online invoice PayPal integration. These features are activated in the Invoice Brands and Templates settings.

Customer Statements

You can automatically enter a PayPal link or logo to your Statements by completing the settings below and then entering the [paypal_link] tag in the Additional Text for Statements of the Statement and Remittances section.

  • PayPal Email Address: Insert a valid, existing PayPal email address that you registered to receive payments.
  • Link Text: Optional text which will appear as a hyperlink to encourage your customers to pay via PayPal.
  • Show PayPal logo: Optional setting to display the link as a PayPal logo.

Note that the [paypal_link] will only be replaced if the PayPal Email Address and one or both of Link Text/Logo have been entered.

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