Allocate Credit Note to Invoice


A credit note can be allocated to one or more invoices in order to reduce the outstanding amount of the invoice. The credit note can be wholly or partially allocated as required.

Select the appropriate Sales Credit Note or Purchase Credit Note. Use the Other Options drop down and select the Allocate option.

Proceed to enter the credit note allocation as follows:

  • Transaction Date: The date that the allocation takes place.This defaults to the current date but can be changed.
  • Reference: Enter any relevant information you may require.

A list of the contact's available invoices will be presented for selection. These will include all invoices where the outstanding amount is greater than zero. 

  • Transaction ID: The transaction ID of an invoice available for allocation.
  • Invoice Date: The date as specified on the invoice.
  • Invoice Amount: The overall total value of the original invoice.
  • Other Payments: The total of any payments or credit note allocations previously made against this invoice.
  • This Allocation: The amount of the credit note being allocated to the selected invoice. This amount cannot be greater than [Invoice Amount - Other Payments].
  • Outstanding: Invoice Amount - Other Payments.

Enter the appropriate amount in This Allocation field of each invoice that the credit note is to be allocated against.

Click the Save button to complete the allocation of a credit note to an invoice.

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