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All invoices, credit notes, orders and quotes can be viewed online in a browser without logging on to the system. This is a powerful alternative to the PDF versions of invoices, credit notes and quotes which are normally sent to your customers and suppliers.

Online invoices will inherit your custom design from Invoice Brands and Templates and also offers the following key advantages:

  • Ability to print a PDF version of the invoice at any time.
  • Automatic update of any outstanding amounts. For example, if you enter a payment against the invoice in the system, then the online invoice will be immediately updated to reflect the payment.
  • Enhanced PayPal integration. If you enable PayPal integration for your online invoices, then your customers can pay you via the PayPal link in the online invoice and eFolioAccounts will automatically reconcile the payment against the invoice. See PayPal Link Insertion for more information.
  • Automatic email notification when you have received a payment via an online invoice.

Displaying the transaction online

Each transaction is automatically given a unique url. To display the relevant transaction, follow these steps:

  • Open the relevant Sales or Purchase transaction.
  • Click on the Other Options button
  • Select the Public Link

Sending a online invoice link to your contacts

Use the Email Template functionality, along with the [online_invoice_link] tag, to automatically include the link in emails sent to your contacts. Alternatively, copy the unique url visible when displaying the transaction online and paste it into your email before sending it out.



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